Refunds & Exchanges Policy of E-vouchers

 Conditions for Returns and Exchanges of E-Vouchers

  • EveHR supports customers to exchange or return e-vouchers applied for all vouchers on our platform when customers failed to use the voucher at first redemption (at the store or online) due to one of the following errors:

  1. The voucher code is not valid

  2. The voucher code has been used before

  • Apart from the above-mentioned cases, after customers have successfully claimed vouchers on the EveHR platform, we cannot support any request for suspension, cancellation, refund or change regarding the vouchers.

  • After customers successfully redeem vouchers (issued by EveHR) into products and services at stores, customers can exchange and return products and services according to the regulations of the Seller providing the products and services.

  • The E-voucher issued by EveHR is not redeemable for cash.

Refund method:

  • EveHR will support customers to exchange/return the defective voucher without any additional fees.

  • Refund method: Depending on each order, EveHR's Customer Support will choose to process according to one of two options below:

  1. Redeem an equivalent voucher: EveHR will provide customers with a new voucher code of equivalent value

  2. Revoke the voucher and refund the benefits on the platform for customers

  • Refund period: Within 2 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

*EveHR will inform customers who request to exchange/return voucher individually via Email / Hotline / Fanpage of Customer Support after completing the process.

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