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Terms of Service

EveHR Platform (our “Platform”) is a service, technology product operated and developed by Eve HR Ltd. Agreeing to use the platform means that you understand and accept the content of these Terms of Service.

Please note that if you are using our service in a workplace or on a device or account issued to you by your employer or another organization (your "Organization"), that Organization likely has its own policies regarding your use of EveHR and your use of the service should comply with these policies. Please contact your Organization or EveHR if you have any questions regarding its policies. For information about EveHR's privacy practices, please see our Privacy Policy.

We are willing to explain these terms to the Customer. Any questions please contact email

EveHR reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time. We will notify you when there is an update to the Terms of Service.

Điều 1: Giải thích từ ngữ - Các định nghĩa

The Client/User needs to read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before using EveHR's Products/Services.


Article 1: Interpretation of words

1.1 Definitions

Eve Human Resources Company Limited: The owner and full rights to exploit the EveHR platform (“EveHR”, “Eve” or “we”).


Client: Organizations or Individuals are using the EveHR Platform or using one of the applications and services developed by EveHR.


EveHR Application: includes products and services to support Client's organization to operate and operate efficiently. In which, commercial websites:, websites with subdomains of * (''Site'), Platforms, mobile applications, websites created by we provide or manage, as well as all forms of communication with individuals, either written or oral, such as email or telephone (all, collectively, our "Services") ).


EveHR Admin Portal: is a website platform, where one or a group of people representing each Client manages account information and User activities on EveHR application.


Administrator: Each Client on EveHR application will have one or a group of Administrators who are logged in to the EveHR Admin Portal and represent to manage & exchange information between EveHR and Client, and/or between the Client and the Users.


User account: the user's account provided by EveHR to the Client by the request of the Client or the Client self-created on the EveHR platform. Clients may grant usage rights to other individuals participating in the use of the Service. In addition, by sending an invitation to join EveHR to email addresses, Client agrees to grant the right to use the platform to individuals and/or organizations who are the owners of such email. Each successful registration of username and password through the link sent by the Client is counted as 01 user account.


Users: are individuals created by Client or authorized EveHR, to use EveHR application.


Suppliers: are individuals and organizations that authorize EveHR to provide electronic gift vouchers in terms of products and services on the EveHR application by allowing Users to redeem electronic gift vouchers. 


Article 2: Agreement to use Reward Package service on EveHR platform (referred to as "Agreement")


An agreement between Client on the EveHR platform (hereinafter referred to as "Client") and Eve Human Resources Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "EveHR"), stipulating terms, conditions, rights and obligations. service of each Party that applies when Client uses EveHR's Reward Package Service.


2.1 Reward Package Service on the EveHR platform (referred to as the "Service"):

Are technology services/products operated and developed by EveHR provided on EveHR App. The Reward Package is the value of the electronic gift set (e-voucher) provided by suppliers to EveHR, prepaid transaction by the Client, and is considered the maximum total value that all the user of each Client is allowed to redeem an electronic gift voucher (e-voucher) on the EveHR App.


2.2 Purchases of the Rewards package:

Prepaid payment transactions made by the Client can be done through the EveHR admin portal at the desired time. The value of the Reward package is equivalent to the total maximum value that all users of each Client are allowed to redeem into electronic gift certificates (e-vouchers) on the EveHR App.

The Rewards Package offers an online prepaid payment transaction as an alternative method to cash payments.


2.3 Reward Package Value


Issued by EveHR on the EveHR Administration Portal website platform, it is equivalent to the currency value of Vietnam dong and is considered the maximum total value that all users of each Client are allowed to convert into electronic gift vouchers for goods/services from suppliers on EveHR App.

2.4 Management fee​


2.4.1 Management Fee is a fee that we surcharge for your rewards package purchase for the purpose of maintaining and improving our platform services, including but not limited to: deal with voucher’s suppliers, support and cooperate with users/ suppliers.


2.4.2 Management Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances where the Client agrees to buy the Rewards package.


2.4.3 The fee varies according to the respective packages, which are clearly specified on the Admin portal, specifically: Standard (1%), Growth (0.75%). And we offer a free management fee discount for the first time payment and detail is listed on the Admin portal.


Article 3: Regulations on using the Rewards Package service


3.1 Before using the Service, the Client needs to read, agree and accept all provisions of this Agreement and/or other relevant regulations, policies, and terms in the process of using the Service. service.


3.2 When using the Service, the Client is understood to have completely voluntarily agreed to, accept and comply with all provisions of this Agreement and/or related regulations, policies, and terms of other parties in the course of using the Service.


Article 4: Purchase of the Rewards package


4.1 Implementation method

4.1.1 The Client has the right to make the purchase of the prepaid Rewards package online on the EveHR Admin Portal account according to EveHR's online instructions.


4.1.2 At the time the payment secured account for EveHR's Reward Package service is received, EveHR will credit the Client's Reward Package balance on the EveHR Admin portal an amount in Vietnam VND equivalent to the amount received by EveHR at the ratio 1:1, excluding other fees paid by the Client (if any).


4.1.3 Depending on the payment method that the Client chooses to purchase the EveHR Rewards package, the time it takes EveHR to record the balance of the Reward package on the Client's EveHR admin portal may vary, ranging from 1-3 working days after making successful payment.


4.1.4 The reward package on the Eve HR admin portal is prepaid and used until the remaining balance of the Reward package is completely zero, and cannot be refunded/withdrawn to the account when the Client still has enough available balance, except in case there is a technical error from EveHR Admin Portal and/or faulty goods, products and online services from the Supplier, resulting in the Users cannot use on EveHR application. EveHR will verify and handle the error cases as specified in this clause for the Client according to the regulations of EveHR and/or the Supplier from time to time.


4.2 Payment Fee

4.2.1 The payment fee charged by the Electronic payment gateway service when purchasing the Reward package is clearly announced by EveHR on the EveHR admin portal for each period, depending on the characteristics of each type of payment. EveHR does not charge any additional fees outside of service usage fees.


4.2.2 The payment fee charged by the payer (if any) will be collected immediately upon the purchase of the Reward package from the Client and depends on the specified payment method.


4.3 Payment methods


To pay for the reward package, the Client can choose one of the following methods:

  • Bank transfer payment:

Account information


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0071001309080

Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade Of Vietnam (VIETCOMBANK)

BRANCH: HO CHI MINH CITY (HAM Nghi Transaction Office)


  • Payment by ATM card

Your ATM card is required to use the online payment feature (Internet Banking) to make this payment method.


  • Payment by Credit/Debit card

  • Direct payment via VNPAY gateway


Article 5: Client's rights and obligations when purchasing the Rewards package


5.1. Client's Rights

5.1.1. Clients have the right to choose the value of the Reward package according to their needs and desires.


5.1.2. The Client may terminate the use of the Service at any time after sending EveHR a written request to stop using the service/or submitting a request through the Admin portal. After terminating the use of the Service, the Client may not continue to use the Service.


5.2. Client's Obligations


5.2.1 Provide true and complete information, comply with EveHR's procedures and payment sequence and instructions.


5.2.2 Use the Rewards package for the right purpose and follow EveHR's warnings about account security to minimize risk.


5.2.3 Coordinate with EveHR and the authorities when there is a dispute, fraud, complaint related to the user's redemption of electronic gift vouchers from the Provider.


5.2.4 Store EveHR's Payment information, online invoices and transaction-related documents as a basis for comparison when necessary.


5.2.5 When you agree to use the Service and accept payment, it means that the Client understands the purpose and how the service works. EveHR is not responsible for any cases caused by the Client's mistakes when choosing the wrong value of the Service.


5.2.6 If the Client believes that there has been a fraud, error while performing the Services via the Payment Gateway or the balance displayed on the EveHR Administration portal does not match, including but not limited to:

a) Any delay or error in processing Client's request; or

b) The Administrator's Rewards Package balance fluctuates abnormally without the Client's implementation; or

c) Password and/or information of Client registered on EveHR system is disclosed to Third Party; or

d) There is invalid access to the Client/User's account; or

e) Other errors discovered by the Client come from EveHR's system. Upon detecting any of the above situations, the Client should immediately contact EveHR's support directly for inspection and handling.


5.2.7 Client is responsible for ensuring the security and confidentiality of any personal information, access passwords, and other identifiers when Client uses the Service.


Article 6: Rights and obligations of EveHR

6.1. EveHR's Rights

6.1.1 If EveHR has reason to believe that Client/User violates the prohibited acts specified in Article 7, EveHR shall have the sole right to take necessary and lawful measures to protect EveHR and/or Other Client or related Third Parties. Possible EveHR actions include but are not limited to these:

a) EveHR may close, suspend or limit Client/User's access to the EveHR Application/ EveHR Administration Portal;

b) EveHR may contact the Provider/partner with whom the Client/User deals, contact the Client's bank, the Client/other User or contact a third party to warn notify or notice the actions of the Client/User;

c) EveHR has the right to refuse to continue performing the Service for accounts that EveHR suspects of fraud or profiteering. At the same time, EveHR can coordinate and provide information to the authorities, denounce acts of fraud, fraud, violations of the law;


6.1.2 EveHR shall not be liable for direct or indirect damages suffered by the Client arising from or due to:

a) Client's loss, misplacement, disclosure, disclosure of information used to log into EveHR Admin Portal Account, leading to others using these information to use Admin Portal Account or Service to distribute the value of the fiat money to the Direct User

b) Interruptions, delays, delays, unavailability or any failure in the provision of the Services due to causes beyond EveHR's reasonable control, including but not limited to interruptions caused by the Service needing to be upgraded or repaired, transmission errors of Internet service providers, interruptions caused by technical system or other infrastructure providers; or

c) Any force majeure event or situation including but not limited to natural disaster, strike, epidemic, fire, riot, war, civil war,... or other requirements or just announcements of the Government and other governmental bodies, authorities or events of a similar nature.


6.1.3 Decide the scope, type of bank card and/or bank account that the Client can use for payment.


6.1.4 EveHR may temporarily lock, block or cancel the access of the Client/User's accounts for an unlimited period of time if deemed necessary to prevent possible risks and/or if the User users have complaints, disputes, refunds.


6.1.5 EveHR reserves the right to change, discontinue or terminate the provision of the Services at any time without the consent of the Client. However, EveHR is responsible for notifying Client in advance of the change, discontinuation or termination of the Service.

6.1.6 EveHR has the right to use non-anonymous data on the history and performance of Client/User to customize and improve to improve the quality of the Service. EveHR will not use these data for any illegal purposes. EveHR is entitled to provide Client/User data to third parties in the following cases but not limited to:


a) EveHR is approved by the Client/User; and

b) the Service requires interaction with a third party; or

c) According to the provisions of law.


6.1.7 Websites (including and not limited to domains), applications, solutions, products/services, logos and other content related to the Service are under the management, ownership and control of and fair, complete, exclusive and non-transferable use of EveHR. Any copying, alteration, or modification without EveHR's written permission is considered a violation of this Agreement and the law.


6.1.8 EveHR may (but is not obligated to) remove or limit access to any Client's data or content if we believe that such data/content violates the Useable Policy acceptance, your Organization's EveHR Client Agreement or applicable laws or regulations. EveHR will reasonably notify you or your Organization of such action, unless prohibited by law.


EveHR welcomes any input about EveHR, but please note that we may use your comments without any obligation to you or compensation to you.​


6.2 EveHR's Obligations

6.2.1 EveHR ensures that the Service system runs stably, safely and complies with the provisions of law related to the provision of EveHR Reward Package Services.


6.2.2 Support Client/User, receive and resolve Client/User's complaint in the process of using the Service and/or in the process of redeeming an electronic gift voucher from the provider .


6.2.3 Confidentiality of Client/User's personal information and transaction data, EveHR may not sell or exchange this information with third parties, except as required by law or authorized by law. Client/User permission.


Article 7: Prohibited acts

When using the Service, Client/User must not:


7.1. Violate this Agreement and/or all other policies and regulations that the Client has agreed to, confirmed or agreed to with EveHR.


7.2. Infringes the copyright, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of EveHR and of any related third parties.


7.3. Action of a nature that discredits, defames, defames, threatens or harasses EveHR, any Provider or any other party with or without connection to the Service.


7.4. Providing false information, causing confusion, using words that are not in line with Vietnamese fine customs and traditions.


7.5. Access EveHR, related content or information through means not authorized by EveHR (including through data extraction or collection); circumvent access control or attempt to gain unauthorized access to EveHR or related systems, passwords or accounts.


7.6. Use the Service in a way that intentionally creates disputes, claims, or claims.


7.7. Distributing viruses, trojans, worms or harmful computer programs that interfere with, cheat or affect the systems, data or information of other Client and/or EveHR .

7.8. Use devices and software to bypass (or destroy, weaken) the protections that EveHR establishes to ensure the safety of the EveHR system.


7.9 The act of disconnecting the EveHR system with the Supplier and/or partner… or vice versa from the Supplier to the EveHR system.

Article 8: Changes to the content of the agreement

8.1 EveHR may amend and supplement this Agreement at any time by sending notice of changes to the Client.


8.2 The Client is deemed to have received the notice if:


8.2.1 These notices have been posted on EveHR's official website and Administration portal for the Service at:; or


8.2.2 These notices have been sent to the email address (email) registered by the Client when starting the process of using the Service; or


8.2.3 Sent to the Client's phone number registered to use the Service; or


8.2.4 Sent, notified, updated via EveHR Admin Portal


8.3 Case for changes such as:


(a) increase the Client's responsibilities and obligations,


(b) reduce the features of the service offered by EveHR


8.4 If the Client does not agree with the changes, it may terminate the use of the Service. In case the Client continues to use the Service, it is understood that the Client has completely voluntarily agreed to, accept and comply with such changes.


Article 9: Policy on handling complaints and refunds and cancellations

9.1 Policy on handling complaints and refunds and cancellations

9.1.1 EveHR's receipt and handling of complaints comply with relevant laws.


9.1.2 EveHR only handles complaints when receiving requested information from Client and/or a third party when providing reasonable, valid and relevant information related to EveHR activities and Services .


9.1.3 In order to prevent further losses, when receiving complaints, EveHR will block the accounts, transactions related to the complaint and the complained account.


9.1.4 EveHR checks information and settles complaints on the basis of fairness and transparency with Client and related parties.

9.1.5 In case of law violation and/or organized fraud, EveHR is responsible and will coordinate with the authorities to solve it together.


9.1.6 Claims are only accepted as appropriate when claim transactions arise within 30 days from the date of making Payment Transactions or User encounters an error when redeeming e-gift vouchers. from the supplier, unless the Client proves unable to make a claim due to force majeure factors, after this time limit, EveHR has the right to refuse to settle the complaint.


9.1.7 EveHR's suppliers have a complaint handling procedure with established deadlines and EveHR must comply with this. As a result, it may take EveHR up to 180 days (or other period provided by law, whichever is shorter) to process a claim depending on the nature of the claims, and EveHR encourages Guests to Goods corporate and stay in touch with us and adhere to the information response time during the time of coordinating complaint handling so that EveHR can do a good job of handling this complaint.

9.1.8 In the process of handling complaints, EveHR has the right to ask the Client to provide evidence to verify the truthfulness of the complaint, we hope to receive the cooperation of the Client / User to proceed. handling complaints. The information provided by the Client is only exchanged for the purpose of handling complaints.

9.2 Reimbursement

9.2.1 Client agrees to indemnify EveHR and EveHR's related parties and hold them harmless from all losses, claims, demands, claims, proceedings, expenses (including including, but not limited to, legal costs) and liabilities which may be incurred or brought against EveHR and/or its employees, officers, etc. arising out of or in connection with:


  •  Client's use of the Service (or any part thereof);


  •  Client's breach of these General Terms.


9.2.2 If the error comes from the EveHR system, we will proceed to identify the error, check and repsonse the correct information recorded by the system. EveHR will send an official document, explaining all information about the error to the Client and relevant partners.


Article 10: Force majeure circumstances

a) EveHR makes no representation, representation, or warranty that Client's use of the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the Service will fully satisfy Client's request or all of the above. software and/or documents will be corrected immediately or the System will ensure the operation of the above Services (including but not limited to: internet network, other transmission networks, internal networks and Client's devices). row). However, we always try to provide the best products and services to client/users.

b) Interruptions, delays, delays, unavailability or any failure in the provision of the Services due to causes beyond EveHR's reasonable control, including but not limited to interruptions due to service needs to be upgraded or repaired, transmission errors of Internet service providers, interruptions caused by technical system or other infrastructure providers.


c) Any force majeure event or situation including but not limited to natural disaster, strike, epidemic, fire, riot, war, civil war,... or other requirements or just announcements of the Government and other governmental bodies, authorities or events of a similar nature.

Article 11: Other provisions

11.1 Contacting EveHR

Client can contact EveHR support by one of the following methods:


 • Call the phone number: 0326 257 070;

 • Email

• Chat online with support staff through the product's official fanpage or website


11.2 Commitment to implementation and dispute resolution


EveHR and Client agree to strictly implement the provisions of this Agreement and its amendments, supplements, and appendices (if any). If a dispute arises during the implementation process, the two parties will jointly resolve it by negotiation or conciliation. In case negotiation or conciliation fails, one of the parties has the right to bring the dispute to a competent Court for settlement. The decision of the Court is final, bringing the final decision to force the parties to comply.

11.3 All terms and conditions of this Agreement remain in effect after the Client discontinued or terminated the Service.

Even when stopping or terminating the use of the Service, the Client is still bound by these terms and conditions to the extent related to the Client's rights and obligations during the time of using the Service.


LAST UPDATE DATE: September 19, 2022

Điều 2:  Thỏa thuận sử dụng dịch vụ Gói Phần Thưởng trên nền tảng EveHR (gọi tắt là "Thỏa thuận")


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