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EveHR focuses on supporting HR teams and companies to improve employee satisfaction and experience. We aim to become a trusted partner with each customer.

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EveHR mang trải nghiệm làm việc tuyệt vời cho mọi nhân viên

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Employees are satisfied


Rewards are sent monthly


Rewards are redeemed every month


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About EveHR Vietnam

In 2019, EveHR entered the market with the goal of leading in the field of Employee Benefits and Rewards in Vietnam. EveHR aims to solve businesses' human resource problems, with a revolution in the field of Employee Recognition and Rewards through digital transformation.


With a young, talented and enthusiastic team, we have succeeded in building a platform that meets foreign standards, trusted by many leading domestic and foreign corporations and businesses.

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During more than 15 years of working abroad in large corporations, I realized that the core factor to develop a strong business is nothing other than people. In particular, rewards, recognition and employee engagement play an extremely important role.

   Therefore, we are always innovating   

   for a better future.   

James Bach


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EveHR aims to create a strong corporate culture, where every employee's efforts, no matter how small, are recognized and promote a team spirit.

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Maintaining its position as the leading Employee Benefits and Rewards platform in Vietnam and striving to reach an international level.

Core values

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We value diversity, inclusivity, and the unique perspectives each individual brings to the table.


We recognize and appreciate the contributions of others, and opportunities we have been given.


We embrace fresh ideas and creative problem-solving to drive progress and improve our products.


We infuse a sense of fun and positivity that enhances engagement and productivity.

Our team

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James Bach

Chief Executive Officer

More than 10 years of experience in Corporate Sales (Acer Computer), Operations (Microsoft), Marketing and Advertising (Facebook & Spotify) before becoming CEO of Lalamove Vietnam from early 2020.

Degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore and Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management from Murdoch University (Australia)


Duong Pham

Customer Success Manager

Many years of experience working at SaaS companies, specializing in B2B sales, business development and project management.

Expert in supporting and creating bridges for customers with products, ensuring they have a good experience and achieve maximum satisfaction with the product.

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Phu Hoang

Technical architect

Solution Architecture and Engineering Expert with over 10 years of experience in shaping and implementing technology solutions.

Experience leading Engineering and software development teams and assisting in resolving critical technical issues and errors on projects."

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Experience EveHR today to discover the great benefits we offer!

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