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FlexA Platform offers flexible benefits and improves employee engagement for
AIA Vietnam

Key challenges

The theory of “one size does not fit all” proved that there was a gap between the cost of benefits and the perceived values of benefits from AIA employees.

The AIA Vietnam is having more than 1000 employees across Vietnam with various demographics (e.g. ages, hobbies and personal preferences). Although AIA Vietnam is offering many benefits in healthcare, family activities and work life balance, the company has been looking for alternative solutions to improve employee satisfaction and retention as some of the historial investments have not been as expected. The theory of “one size does not fit all” proved that there was a gap between the cost of benefits and the perceived values of benefits from AIA employees. 


It was a priority and challenge for the BOD and HR team. The HR Senior Manager reveals that AIA has more than 1000 employees, and the company wants to provide everyone with their prior benefits. Manual works to check and provide preference benefits to each employee are not only slow but also outdated. It will cost HR a lot of time to manage employee’s expectation and also to deal with a hundred benefit providers. Moreover, many employees do not remember exactly what they’re having in their benefit packages, AIA also needs to communicate this effectively to all employees across Vietnam.

As a result of this experience, the HR team wanted to find an online and easy to access platform which would offer AIA employees the control and full overview over their benefits, improve ROI on benefits and also reduce admin workload for the HR Team. 

AIA Vietnam is a member of the AIA Group – the world’s largest listed independent life insurance group with Asian origin. With a history of nearly a century, the AIA Group has served the ever changing needs of millions of people across the Asia Pacific region.

Established in 2000 with the goal of protecting the prosperity and financial safety of Vietnamese people, AIA Vietnam is currently one of the leading life insurance companies and the AIA Vietnam brand is well trusted by customers and the general public AIA Vietnam is also well known as one of the “Best places to work” in Vietnam with many rewards includes:

•5 times to be listed in the “Top 100 places to work in Vietnam” by Vietnam HR Awards.
• “Great Place To Work” Award in 2018, 2019.




1000+ employees




June 2020



An “all you need in one” platform easily accessible on both web and mobile, English and Vietnamese, customized according to AIA Vietnam’s branding, theme, company values and benefit categories.

Flexible benefits module: offers AIA employees the flexibility in choosing their preferred benefits according to each individual’s needs.

An instant claiming system of more than 30 selected market-leading benefits accessible online/ offline across Vietnam, with budget easily set and adjusted by HR for each employee.

Total rewards statement module: a single hub helps AIA employees to have an overview of the value of their non-salary benefits (e.g. health check-up, private insurance, other allowances…).

FlexA is offering a full overview and budget control on the Admin portal for the HR Team to monitor benefits budget in real-time or easily export all necessary reports.

After careful research, EveHR was selected as the optimal service provider to deliver the FlexA platform. The solution has been developed by EveHR to survive Vietnamese companies and the FlexA platform was customized as per AIA Vietnam’s needs and branding. Initially, EveHR supported the AIA Vietnam HR Team closely with solutions and advice on how to make FlexA the most effective platform for both AIA Vietnam employees and the HR team. The modules and interfaces were adapted to AIA Vietnam’s requirements and needs before the platform were launched officially to more than 1000 employees in June 2020.

Other modules include internal communication and annual leave trade-off.

The Results

FlexA enables AIA Vietnam to meet their employees’ expectation in having the flexibility of choosing prior benefits to serve their targets. During nearly three months after launch, FlexA has provided great experiences to AIA employees thanks to its advanced and easy to use technology. Also, by delegating all the merchants and customer support work to EveHR, FlexA helps to reduce the administrative workload for the HR Team at AIA Vietnam. 

Together with FlexA, AIA continues committing to being the “Best place to work" as well as leading the trend of flexible benefits in Vietnam. In the long term, FlexA will support AIA Vietnam in improving retention rate and enhancing employee engagement.  

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