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All-in-one employee benefits and rewards platform

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Vietnam's #1 solution for improving employee experience


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Reduce Human Resources cost by 40%

Building a strong corporate culture x4 times

Reduce turnover rate by up to 95%

 X3 work efficiency for the HR department

EveHR is trusted by many businesses and partners of different sizes

Why do customers choose EveHR?

Achieved ISO27001:2013 certification. Ensuring international standards of security for businesses through Amazon cloud computing services (AWS).

The EveHR team supports and advises customers 24/7 from choosing the right solution to communicating the launch of the platform internally.

Platform with diverse features and friendly interface, helping to increase employee usage experience.

Product features



Benefit exchange

Flexible benefits

Convert accumulated reward points into personal rewards according to your preferences


Electronic vouchers in the form of barcodes and QR codes of more than 500 famous brands

Physical Rewards

The internal gift distribution and receipt process is streamlined and standardized directly on the platform




Peer-to-peer recognition

Build a culture of recognition to promote work motivation

Bulk recognition

Reward groups quickly with pre-stored member lists

Send e-cards

Sending thanks and congratulations anytime, anywhere



Internal communications

Admin Portal

Share and update business information, promote communication and interaction within the organization


Commend the members who receive and send the most reward points, helping to promote work motivation and connection

Automated Milestones

Receive notifications about colleagues' birthdays and anniversaries of joining the company and send greeting cards, increasing the bond between employees.

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EveHR - Vietnam's #1 reward & employee benefit platform

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rewards redeemed every month

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top-tier brands

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satisfied employees

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rewards sent monthly


Employee Analytics



Admin portal

Manage rewards and benefits budget quickly and effectively

Understand employee reward and benefit trends

Provide and store knowledge documents for employees

Statistics and analysis of employee activity data conveniently

Support the human resources department in making suggestions for improvements and appropriate adjustments



Integration & Synchronization

Integrate EveHR with your business's HR software quickly and at a reasonable cost

Sign in once to the app with your Google or Office365 account securely and conveniently

Synchronize the platform's interface with the business's brand identity

What do EveHR customers say?

After more than 6 months of use, more than 90% of employees have used EveHR to thank their colleagues. Benefits administration has also become easier for the Brooks HR team. With new features coming soon, I believe the experience will be even more interesting.

Ms. Nhung Le

HR Manager

EveHR has offered outstanding solutions and accompanied DHL Express in building a reward and employee connection program based on a mobile platform. The project achieved results beyond expectations with positive feedback from employees and increased engagement rates.

Mr. Long

Human Resource Director


EveHR helps increase employee engagement between departments and enhance team spirit within the company. Using EveHR, the process of managing rewards points and redeeming rewards is easier than ever for us.

Mr. Bao Nguyen

General Manager

  • What is the difference between Points and Coins in the EveHR platform?
    Points are used to reward colleagues, while Coins represent the points received from colleagues or the company and are used for redeeming rewards. Using two different terms helps prevent confusion in communication and makes it easier for employees to understand and use.
  • Can EveHR platform be integrated with other softwares?
    EveHR is ready to integrate with other software. In order to specify and facilitate the Company’s aspiration, it is necessary to make an appointment for the specific details between parties.
  • What about cheating when colleagues send rewards back and forth to earn Points?
    The system has anti-fraud features that allow Admins to set restrictions on reward exchanges through the Admin Portal, depending on the company's policies.
  • Làm cách nào để chỉnh sửa hoặc xóa tiêu đề "Câu hỏi thường gặp"?
    Bạn có thể chỉnh sửa tiêu đề từ thẻ "Thiết lập" câu hỏi thường gặp trong Trình chỉnh sửa. Để xóa tiêu đề khỏi ứng dụng di động của bạn, hãy đến thẻ "Trang web và Ứng dụng" trong ứng dụng Owner và tùy chỉnh.
  • Can EveHR platform be customized on the app to match the company's brand color and reward values?
    Absolutely, EveHR platform can be customized to match the brand color and values of the company

Frequently Asked Questions

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Experience EveHR today to discover the great benefits we offer!

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Vietnam's leading employee benefits and rewards platform, a pioneer in the field of HR-Tech

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