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Increase engagement. Keep talent

EveHR not only helps businesses save time and budget in distributing employee benefits, but also builds a core foundation for the organization's long-term development and success.

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Product features

EveHR has all the features to support your HR strategy. Each product is effective when used individually, but even more effective when used together.




Peer-to-peer recognition

Build a culture of recognition to promote work motivation

Bulk recognition

Reward groups quickly with pre-stored member lists

Send e-card

Sending thanks and congratulations anytime, anywhere


Benefit exchange

Flexible benefits

Convert accumulated reward points into personal rewards according to your preferences


Electronic vouchers in the form of barcodes and QR codes of more than 500 famous brands

Physical rewards

The internal gift distribution and receipt process is streamlined and standardized directly on the platform



Internal communications

News feed

Share and update business information, promote communication and interaction within the organization


Commend the members who receive and send the most reward points, helping to promote work motivation and connection

Automated milestones

Receive notifications about colleagues' birthdays and anniversaries of joining the company and send greeting cards, increasing the bond between employees.

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Experience EveHR today to discover the great benefits we offer!



Admin portal

Manage rewards and benefits budget quickly and effectively

Understand employee reward and benefit trends

​Provide and store knowledge documents for employees


Employee Analytics

Statistics and analysis of employee activity data conveniently

Support the human resources department in making suggestions for improvements and appropriate adjustments



Integration & Synchronization

Integrate EveHR with your business's HR software quickly and at a reasonable cost

Sign in once to the app with your Google or Office365 account securely and conveniently

Synchronize the platform's interface with the business's brand identity

Discover how EveHR keeps our customers happy

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Customer stories

Geodis' journey of building a reward culture with EveHR

Rewards sent to each other after the first 3 months and rewards are flexibly redeemed on the EveHR system


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Customer stories

How EveHR accompanies the success of Athena Studio

of Athena employees logged in and used it just one month after launching the application.


Customer stories

AIA Vietnam continues to become the “Best Place to Work” with FlexA x EveHR


monthly users to date


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