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Brooks Running officially applied EveHR recognition platform internally


Brooks Running Vietnam is a member of Brooks Sports, Inc. Berkshire Hathaway group of billionaire Warren Buffett with headquarters located in Seattle, Washington state, USA. With the slogan "Run Happy", Brooks is known as one of the top running shoe brands in the world with over 100 years of operation. Building an extensive network of collaborators and brand agents to directly advise and listen to the runners, Brooks has become the most popular professional running shoe brand in America and Europe. With 2 times to win the award "Best place to work" and 5 times to win the "Brand of the year" award, Brooks Running deserves the title of "Professional running shoe king".

In Vietnam, Brooks Running is also gradually asserting its position and promoting the brand when investing in sponsoring many sports awards such as:

• Sponsor the award at Ha Long International Heritage Marathon in November 2019.
• Sponsor prizes and vouchers at the Long Bien Marathon 10/2019.

• Sponsor Ho Lap Team awards and vouchers for a 100km running event at Thanh Xuan Park, May 2020.


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March 2020

Key challenges

The diversity in the workforce's age range, countries, regions, and expertise requires the company to come up with a solution that is contemporary and capable of meeting many levels of demand.

In the early years of entering the Vietnamese market, the investment of resources for handling administration and paperwork was also an aspect to consider for Brooks Running Vietnam when HRs had to spend time searching and maintaining relationships with domestic paper voucher suppliers which does not meet the following criteria: flexible in choices, no restriction in gift redemption, no expiry date required, especially the most convenient point is improving the flexibility in applying technology internally.

In addition, the lack of providers of digital recognition tools is also a challenge for Brooks Running Vietnam’s HRs in the process of searching alternatives.


EveHR has made different advice on how to make DHL4U the most effective platform for both DHL Express Vietnam employees and the HR team.

As a 4.0 technology platform, EveHR was selected by Brooks Running as an optimal alternative compared to the previous form of manual rewards with vouchers and cash. Closely discussing with the HR team of Brooks Running Vietnam, EveHR has created an environment with its own rules on the application to best suit Brooks Running's requirements. 


The application can be easily used on mobile app and desktop, with two languages ​​English and Vietnamese to choose from 

Internal recognition feature: Brooks Running employees are assigned points by HR when there is a good reason for praising a colleague on the job. Recognition values are selected in accordance with Brooks Running's development orientation and core values 

An instant claiming system of more than 400 selected market-leading rewards accessible online/ offline across Vietnam, with budget easily set and adjusted by HR for each employee.

Other features are integrated to effectively support internal corporate communications, improving employee interaction


For the purpose of listening to users comments, EveHR regularly creates forms of surveys (NPS) on the platform so that users can share feedback about the platform. As a result, EveHR received a lot of positive comments regarding the user experience as well as interesting comments on feature upgrades in the near future. 

Ms. Nhung- Brooks Running's HRM shared: "The staff likes the platform because it is easy to use, the interface is simple, the voucher claim is fast and convenient." EveHR Platform also allows HR to simply manage budgets and easily export related reports from the Admin portal.

After nearly a year of companion, Brooks Running staff have become more familiar with the EveHR platform. Meaningful messages are sent every week with an equally engaging voucher redemption experience.

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Experience EveHR today to discover the great benefits we offer!

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