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Athena Studio officially applied AthenaLife - Employee Recognition and Benefits platform internally


Athena Studio is one of the pioneer companies in the mobile game industry. Based on the foundation of strong data science, marketing and production teams, Athena Studio combines science and art to develop many creative mobile games. 


Athena Studio’s vision is to become an Industry - leading mobile gaming company, which offers 5 star products and services that entertain and enrich people's lives.


Mobile Gaming


100+ employees




April 2021

The Challenge

Based on the actual ongoing recognition programs at Athena, which are diverse and multi-angles, the Athena Human Resources (HR) team realized that their employees were not really engaged with the company's activities as well as not satisfied with the traditional reward experiences. 

Athena's BOD always believes that “We offer lots of room for you to grow and we work together to achieve amazing results”. Being a leading company in the mobile gaming industry, Athena has more than 100 creative and proactive employees. In particular, they would like to use new high-tech applications to refresh and gamify their working experience. 


Athena's HR Team, with their enthusiasm and understanding employees' demands, has continuously searched for a solution to digitize and promote reward programs to employees, by the way to increase internal engagement and enhance working experiences.

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The Solution

After careful research and selection, EveHR was selected as the service provider to accompany Athena Studio to build and launch the AthenaLife rewards and benefits platform.

This platform has been developed by EveHR to support companies in Vietnam, and “AthenaLife” is customized to fit with Athena Studio's current needs and rewards program. During the developing process, EveHR closely supported Athena's HR Department with solutions and cónultation on how to make AthenaLife the most effective platform for both employees and HR. 


“AthenaLife” platform was officially launched to all employees in April 2021. The platform has helped to build a company culture of rewarding colleagues and personal nominations instantly at all times. Besides, “AthenaLife” also provides an overview of benefits and great experiences for all Athena employees.


“AthenaLife” is built and customized according to Athena's corporate identity and rewards program.

The platform can be easily used on both web and mobile in Vietnamese or English, and can be easily accessed using the employee's G-suite account

Peer to peer recognition: Help employees send encouragement, recognition to their colleagues instantly anytime. 

Self recognition: Employees can proactively nominate their contributions to BOD/ Management levels for recognition and reward.

Program recognition: Helps Managers and HR frequently recognize and motivate employees when they participate in company activities.

Total rewards statement: Employees can see an overview of all the benefits they have when working at Athena.

Rewards and benefits from more than 400+ leading brands nationwide

Other features include: Internal Communication and Surveys.

The Results

Just one month after launch, more than 95% of Athena employees have logged in and used “AthenaLife”. Up to now after 5 months of implementation, “AthenaLife” has been accompanying employees daily with hundreds of recognitions made and rewards claimed every month.

Employees are very excited and love to use their reward points - received from colleagues - to redeem and use vouchers for F&B, shopping or entertainment.


Together with AthenaLife, the Management and HR Department of Athena Studio have achieved their goal of strengthening internal engagement, offering more interesting, refreshing and wonderful working experiences at the company to all employees.

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