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DHL4U Platform offers online recognition tool and helps to improve employee engagement for DHL Express Vietnam

Key Challenges

Being limited to the customization level when using global provider, DHL Express Vietnam started to look for digitised solutions located in Vietnam with foreign standard to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

DHL Express Vietnam has more than 700 employees across Vietnam with various demographics (e.g. ages, hobbies and personal preferences). Aligning with Global policies, DHL Express Vietnam has a lot of recognition schemes which have different rules and flows. With variety of recognition schemes, DHL found it complex to run all offline.

One of the biggest challenges faced by DHL Express Vietnam is a mix of white collar workers and blue collar workers in employee population which requires a solution to work well for both. To satisfy these two types of employees, DHL Express Vietnam was working with different voucher providers locally but these didn’t really highlight the value of their internal recognition programs.

As a big brand name in Logistics, DHL global has global solutions which can be applied to DHL in every country. However, being limited to the customization level when using global provider, DHL Express Vietnam started to look for digitised solutions located in Vietnam with foreign standard to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.


DHL Express Vietnam is a member of the DHL Group – the world’s leading logistics company. With 380,000 people in over 220 countries and territories, DHL specializes in providing international delivery services, freight by sea, air and land, contract delivery services. Since then, DHL has connected the globe with more than 1.5 billion shipments every year. 

Aiming to create a better working environment for employees as well as becoming more outstanding in the labor market, DHL Express Vietnam has been constantly investing to improve in all aspects. This has enabled DHL Express to win a series of industry awards such as:

• 4 times has received the Golden Dragon award under the category of Transportation Services.
•One of the very few companies to receive five Stevie Awards Gold Awards in 4 years.

• Was awarded the title of number 1 shipping company in Vietnam by Anphabe VN and honored as the company with the "best working environment" by Vietnam HR Awards 2018 and "Recruiter Top Employers 2019 ”by the Institute of Top Employers.




700+ employees




September 2020


EveHR has made different advice on how to make DHL4U the most effective platform for both DHL Express Vietnam employees and the HR team.

With Sweedish background, EveHR was selected as the optimal service provider to deliver the DHL4U platform. Working closely with HR team of DHL Express Vietnam, the solution has been developed smoothly by EveHR and the DHL4U platform was customized exactly as per DHL Express Vietnam’s needs and branding. Based on ideas shared by DHL HR team. The modules and interfaces were adapted to DHL Express Vietnam’s requirements and needs before the platform were launched officially to more than 700 employees in September 2020.
DHL4U is offering a full overview and budget control on the Admin portal for the HR Team to monitor budget in real-time or easily export all necessary reports.


An “all you need in one” platform easily accessible on both web and mobile, English and Vietnamese, customized according to DHL Express Vietnam’s branding, themes, company values and benefit categories.

Recognition module: offers DHL Express employees the tool to express their sincere thank you to their colleagues’ support. Other recognition schemes are also digitized onto the platform to reflect DHL’s internal schemes effectively where managers can make recognitions for their staff with approval of HR. With this type of recognition, HR/Managers have to make recognition based on criteria and definition defined in each scheme.

Flexible benefits module: giving flexibility to employees in choosing relevant benefits and maximize the budget provided by company.

An instant claiming system of more than 400 selected market-leading rewards accessible online/ offline across Vietnam, with budget easily set and adjusted by HR for each employee.

 A pool of various DHL rewards in-kind to be on-boarded by EveHR and delivered by DHL Express VN.

Other modules include internal communication, leave management,…

The Results

DHL4U after 3 months launching has been accompanied with DHL Express Vietnam employees everyday with hundreds of recognition made averagely. With nice words written down thanks to the platform, people feel more connected and motivated at work.

Mr Long - HRD said: “DHL Express employees love the DHL4U platform. We have been receiving tons of positive feedback and they for sure want to have more features added”

Together with DHL4U, DHL Express continues committing to being the “Best place to work" as well as leading the trend of flexible benefits in Vietnam. In the long term, DHL4U will support DHL Express Vietnam in improving retention rate and enhancing employee engagement.

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