EveHR chú trọng vào tăng trải nghiệm nhân viên giúp gắn kết và tạo động lực cho nhân viên hiệu quả.

Understand employees' desire to create better employee experience

Connecting employee and managing all of their benefits in the same place. Recognise your peers, redeem hot reward and catch up with internal news.

EveHR - an employee experience app is trusted by

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EveHR - Technology for HR to manage employee benefits & recognition

The leading employee experience platform which support company to increase the engagement of employees and help them acknowledge about their benefits. We want to create a positive working environment through reward and recognition culture.

EveHR - The platform that you and your employee will love

Internal interaction portal where employees can recognize each other, redeem rewards & more

Employee Engagement

Appreciate each and every contribute of employees, keep the team closer, motivate them and make the work more effective with:

Recognitions and rewards

More choices of rewards

Engagement Survey

Social Wall

Employee Awards
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Managing & Evaluating

Distribute and report employee’s benefits quickly. Keep all the information transparent. Help company understand employee insight easier. Increase employee productivity by using recognition scheme and program.