4 Tips to make recognition part of your corporate culture

Employee experience is predicted as one of the primary trends in HR 2020 according to a report from KPMG.

Self-esteem is one of the higher needs according to Maslow's needs hierarchy. Therefore, employee recognition is a fundamental tool for all businesses to drive their employee experience. Kick start the process of making employee recognition a part of your corporate culture with these 4 tips! 1️⃣ Use your team meetings to praise the shining stars! 2️⃣ Always relate your recognitions to the company values. 3️⃣ Encourage peer-to-peer recognition by making it simple with digital tools. 4️⃣ Let your team know their efforts paid off by celebrating feedback from happy customers. #evehr #employeerecognition #employeeengagement # #employeeexperience

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