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Competitive salary is an important factor to attract and retain employees. But what does really make your people motivated?

High motivation of employees is essential if you’re thinking about improving your business results. This is what makes your team go the extra mile during the important moments. So the question is, how to maintain and nurture employee motivation continuously? A study from Monster Job website showed that 30% of voters chose salary and pay raise when being asked about their motivation at work. However, we all know the impact of a pay raise does not last for a long time. The following are the top 4 factors to motivate employees apart from a high salary and a pay raise:

✨ Offer adequate working conditions ✨ Train employees and enable them to reach their full potential ✨ Communicate with your team and involve them in the decision-making process ✨ Build a strong corporate culture You can find more on the topic in “Four factors to motivate employees, not to mention money”, read the full article at #evehr #employeemotivation

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