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COVID-19 crisis has posed significant challenges to every single aspect of the business. Working from home is encouraged widely to avoid the virus from spreading, maintaining high employee engagement has become a big question for many business leaders as a result.

Why employee (dis)engagement is a critical issue for businesses?

  • Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

  • High employee engagement results in higher employee retention and productivity.

  • Disengaged employees cost companies up to 34% of the employee salary*

  • Anxiety caused by the crisis and mandatory work from home bring new challenges to employee engagement.

  • According to a recent report from McKinsey on COVID-19, productivity will drop by 25%-50% as a result of the combination of “work from home”, at-work social distancing, and economic anxiety.

How can you make a rapid impact on employee engagement?

(Some of the key employee engagement factors according to Gallup)

To support all companies during this economic downturn, EveHR is offering free access to 3 employee engagement modules.

3 Free Tools from EveHR during the crisis

1. Pulse Surveys

People stay longer with organizations where their opinion counts and where they feel someone cares about them. The quality of interactions between employees and their managers is critical. In addition to it, you may create a stronger sense of belonging from all employees by asking for your employees’ opinions regularly.

With EveHR Pulse Survey you can:

  • Create a question with free text or list of possible answers

  • Choose the frequency of sending the survey

  • View results in the EveHR Admin Portal

To support your business, Pulse Survey function is now free for the economic crisis period! Contact us at to receive more information or to sign up.

2. News & Announcements

While working from home, it’s harder to maintain a connection with the company and its mission.

Communicate your company situation and goals frequently to keep your people engaged!

While at least 48% of employees feel unprepared to work from home, not all companies may afford expensive e-learning modules helping employees to get better at remote working. Use this module to communicate tips for productive remote work or let EveHR team provide regular content to you and your employees.

To support your business, News & Announcements function is now free for the economic crisis period! Contact us at to receive more information or to sign up. 3. Employee Recognition

Employees who received frequent and regular praise for their work are 8 times more engaged! Do you ensure that all your employees are recognized while working from home?

4 flexible ways you may use the recognition module:

1. Peer to peer recognition

Honest praise is what helps to build a connection among coworkers. Empower your employees to recognize their coworkers whenever they find it most suitable and for the reasons they find most important.

2. Manager to employee

Praise is free to give and it has a great impact on people’s engagement at work. Empower your managers to recognize their teams regularly and frequently. That’s when it brings the best results. Want to create even better results? Allocate a budget of reward points each manager can send with the recognitions.

3. Employee of the month

Allow your teams to nominate employees for periodical company awards. Eve provides an easy interface to streamline the nomination process across different levels of the organization.

4. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries

Replace physical vouchers! No more manual process for your HR team with an instant, automatic upload to your employee’s account every birthday and work anniversary.

To support your business, Employee Recognition function is now free for the economic crisis period! Contact us at to receive more information or to sign up.

Want to give your employees more?

Choose Rewards Online & Offline

Make the recognition programs more impactful by matching them with tangible rewards. On EveHR platform, employees may choose from a network of over 300+ brands offering a wide choice of rewards in most relevant categories:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Shopping & Lifestyle

  • Entertainment & Family

Can’t leave home? No problem!

During the lockdown period, your employees may still find many relevant rewards online:

Give your people sense of security: Access to Medical Hotline

Eve partners with WellCare and to help you provide more sense of security to your people. Via Khamtuxa hotline, your employees may receive medical advice at any time without a need to go to a hospital that does not feel safe to many during the COVID-19 crisis. Show your employees that you care!

What is Khamtuxa (Khám từ xa)?

A new service allowing patients to consult health problems with doctors through voice or video calls from their homes instead of visiting a hospital. Patients receive a full diagnosis report via the app after each call. Khamtuxa network includes 90 doctors from Victoria International Clinic, Cho Ray Hospital, Vinmec Hospital, and other prestigious clinics nationwide. More at

How it works?

Employees claim vouchers on the EveHR platform and enter on platform to contact the medical hotline for free. The company only pays for the vouchers used by employees. The hotline provides support in 3 areas: Pediatrics - Adults - Mental Health with doctors available daily 7:00 - 22:00 including Saturday and Sunday.

Start using EveHR free

Contact us at:

We are open to discuss customization for individual needs of your business.

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